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Manpower Recruitment

As your business grows, you will need to increase the availability of manpower. HR Equity offers an end-to-end service package for your recruitment and HR needs. From tailoring the job description to managing the employees once they are on-board.

Recruitment Procedure:

We have a rigorous and in depth selection process. While selecting, we give attention to all the category level of skill & efficient, bright, highly qualified, skilled professional and unskilled candidates. Our main motto with effective & innovative selected techniques does not only help us in brushing the competitive candidates but also ensures that the selected candidates are nothing but best available in the Market.

Services Offered:

SEPL follows a carefully planned selection process. This process begins with understanding the clients’ specific requirements and goes all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

  • Clear understanding of the client’s organization and business activities
  • Mapping position specific competencies
  • Identification of candidates either from SEPL’s massive existing database or by advertising for the position, and approaching candidates
  • Screening candidates and interviews including by way of Personality Questionnaires, Assessment of the individual candidate and Job Analysis of the candidates
  • Organising interviews of the candidates
  • Negotiating the offer including compensation structures
  •  Legal, moral and ethical issues
  •  Follow-up with client and candidate till the selected candidate joins the organization